Friday, May 21, 2010

How to Hold Your Heart in One Piece

Oh how the grace of the Lord carries us through life.

After babysitting PandaJoy for over a week we had to release her again today to the foster parents. We have kept her about 8 or 9 times since the end of January. She is so much fun and brings our family much laughter. Very exhausting taking care of a very busy toddler, but oh, the joy this little girl brings us. We see her again soon, but this morning was extremely difficult to see her go after playing family-of-four for so long. Thank you so very much for your continued prayer for whatever the Lord holds for us and for PandaJoy. PG & PJ would make great sisters. After she left my arms this morning I went straight to my knees, lifted the hurt to the Lord who sees, cried a few tears and then got up, trusting that no matter what, He truly is in control.

The pics below are from this afternoon at PG's school Field Day festivities. The temps are already so HOT! I love this pic because even in my "skinny" days I have never had such gorgeous shapely legs like PG does. I think her legs are so stinkin' beautiful! If a baby would have emerged from PandaPop and I----poor thing would have been chunky-dunk, thick-thigh, bubble-butt instead of these wonderfully lean, toned and tanned PG legs! ; )

PandaJoy's darling chunky fingers and toes are my delight to share with you. Hopefully soon she will be a more permanent part of this blog and our life allowing me to post her most beautiful face. If she is not to be a part of the PandaFamily then I trust the Lord to work His good in her life as well as ours.

Tomorrow is PG's ballet recital and I can't wait to post the pics for it!

Have a wonderful weekend!!! ; )


  1. Oh my. Her little fingers just take my breath away. Please know that I'm thinking and praying for you. Enjoy all that heat! I'm sooo ready for it in MI. Hugs!

  2. OH, OH, Ohhhhhh, I am just dying to see her! Those precious fingers and legs!! I hope to meet her soon!

    Your photos are just more and more beautiful. I can't wait to learn to use my camera better.

    Little B has her recital tonight too. Yay!!

  3. Wow, I've definitely been "out of the loop" on this precious little JOY. Your pictures are fabulous. If her face is even half as cute as the parts we've already seen, she's absolutely gorgeous :) Can't wait to hear more. We'll be praying for you.

  4. It totally brings tears to my eyes to think of the love that you guys are sharing with the little one, and how open you are to giving to her, even with the chance she might not be a permanent part of your family. I am praying that God will continue to give you the ability to keep your heart open and that he will work miracles in your family as you spend time with PandaJoy!

  5. Hang in there and keep look up the way you are. Love ya bunches!!!

  6. Oh. My. Goodness. This new header is even more gorgeous than the last one. You have mad skills. Love the pictures of PG's little fingers. What a privilege to get to have her in your home for such an extended stay! I'm thinking she would love to come over and go swimming the next time you get to keep her... Wouldn't she be just squeezy cute in a colorful little suit with ruffles? Yeah, I'm relentless. Love you, and so grateful for the whole Panda clan.

  7. Your new header immediately brought tears to my eyes, it's so breathtaking~ Whadya say if by some glimmer of a chance we end up heading back that way you give me some tutorials & tidbits on such exquisite photography? ;)

    Love you, and it's been way too long since we talked!

  8. I love the photography! You have a gift in that! And, I love reading about your foster journies. It's such a lesson to me about maturity in Christ and trusting God fully.