Thursday, May 27, 2010

Twinkle Toes

PandaGirl's ballet recital was last Saturday. She was so beautiful! All the girls were in those gorgeous white costumes. Sweet innocence. Nothing like that last post I am so enraged about with the dancing harlots who really had no choice in the matter EVEN IF they chose to dance. The adults in the know KNOW. The innocence of those little girls dancing like stri*ppers has been lost. No, stolen.

Anyhoo--back to my beauty! She did so great.....for her 60 second dance.

Yes, we paid a large monthly fee, recital fee, costume fee, breathing fee, sitting fee and smiling fee all to get a 60 second dance out of a two hour recital. Oh my. It was worth it to see our daughter dancing on stage!


  1. I really did have the cutest flowergirl in the world, didn't I? ;)

    And those roses are positively divine! I'm sure she felt like a real princess :)

  2. I remember being in dance and loved it for the most part. She looks beautiful and I know you are proud!

  3. Great memories! She's stunning...a hint to the bride she'll be. I know...I KNOW!!! Don't you want to throw things at me?...just a reminder that they grow up fast. My 15 year old is going to BS in the fall. Can it be? Less than 3 months...

  4. Just stunning. Oh my. Between the beautiful white dance costume, the roses and your precious daughter, everything is just beautiful.

  5. I just cannot believe this is your little girl...growing up so fast! :) She is just beautiful!