Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little Girl of Mine

Who IS this big girl I see?!!!

PandaGirl has been in one continual growth spurt over the past several months. I LOVE seeing her grow physically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and yes, financially. She is learning how to allot her monies that she earns to give (tithe), save and spend along with us through the Financial Peace University which wraps up this coming week.

My girl is growing so tall and is a stinkin' hoot! The kid has got great comedic timing!!

I have been busy with life in general with PandaGirl and helping out PandaPop with some children's ministry events coming up in the next few months. I've also been very busy in the past two weeks with some great families doing photo shoots. Remember that you can check out my portfolio HERE.

I get such a rush from taking the pictures and editing them. I am hoping for some better equipment and software this summer to do even more of what I know I can!

Had "fun" this weekend by contracting STREP for the second time in two months. Doc said for me to get on Clar*itin daily to help with not continually inviting Mr. Bacteria to party in my tonsils on an ongoing basis seeing as how having surgery to get my tonsils out as an adult is a MAJOR thing that can easily go wrong with bleeding to death. Great options. I feel like I'm getting old having to take meds and vitamins everyday. Maybe my friends and I can meet up at Star*bucks and chat about our ailments over a cappuccino this week.

Three years ago today was our first Sunday on staff at our church!! I absolutely can't believe it's been THREE YEARS!! We adore our church family and can't imagine being anywhere else! This morning was Children's Day at church with all the children's choirs singing this morning and honoring the children in our church. I'm so proud of PandaPop and all the hard work he does for the ministry. The nature of his job means that many efforts go unnoticed---but that's totally OK because he knows that's his job and even his delight. Though PP is a huge ham for most people and on stage, when it comes to work ethic---he is a behind the scenes, take no credit kind of guy. Love that about him. He is a true team player and servant-leader. Enjoyed PG's children's choir leading us in a worship experience tonight. So precious to see all the kiddos doing their best to sing, act and make sure they do their part just right.

Tomorrow I'll be preparing a talk on friendship for our MOPS group on Tuesday. I'm not in MOPS anymore because PG isn't in preschool, but I'm looking forward to what the Lord will put on my heart about this subject. I have been blessed with so many really great friendships from all the churches in which we've served, college and even one friend from Kindergarten. I've got a lot to say, but need to smush it down to a reasonable amount of information that will invite the listeners to tune in instead of looking at their watches. I'll let you know how it goes.

Got lots on our PandaFamily's heart lately. Laying some things down at the Lord's feet. Trusting in His plan and not ours. Being patient and believing that He is in control. Thanks for praying along with us even if you have no details. He knows.


  1. I just checked out your portfolio. Very impressive work. What a fun picture of pandagirl in her texas cowgirl hat. She does look awfully grown up though. Thinking/praying for you as you go through some family life decisions...whatever they might be. Hugs.

  2. Praying for you and your family tonight. :-)

  3. Last year Jen went through a growth spurt, skipped two sizes! she got so tall so fast! And went from being a little girl to a big girl overnight it seems. They grow up fast but it is cool to see how you are catching those moments on film! You are very good at it!